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Appulate Announces Partnership with Pie Insurance

May 11, 2023 – Westlake Village, CA – 11:00am (Eastern Time) – Appulate, the world’s leading insurance submission, application, and renewal platform, today announced it has partnered with Pie Insurance (Pie), an insurtech company specializing in workers’ comp insurance for small businesses. This partnership enables agents to better serve their small business clients by leveraging Appulate’s industry leading automation technology to quickly rate, quote and bind workers’ comp policies.

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What is Insurtech? 3 Ways Appulate Defines & Leads Insurance Technology

What is insurtech besides an essential component of insurance professionals’ workflow and success? Insurtech is defined as the use of technology innovations designed to find cost savings and efficiency. A realistic example of insurtech is Appulate. Appulate delivers insurance technology solutions that empower networked insurance agents, MGAs, Wholesalers, and Carriers to do business more effectively through automation. In this article, we will uncover more about what insurtech means for specific insurance professionals. We will also share some essential insurtech solutions provided by Appulate to save time on insurance submissions, loss runs requests, insurance distribution, and other common tasks within the industry. Let’s begin by discussing what insurtech is for agents.

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How Networked Insurance Agents Contribute to Success

Just as a chef makes the restaurant world revolve alongside other kitchen staff – networked insurance agents make the insurance industry revolve alongside MGAs, nationwide carriers, and wholesalers. If the other entities of a restaurant do not communicate with the chef, the flow of business will be altered. The same is true for the insurance industry if the voices of agents are not considered.

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