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(FRESNO, CALIF) – United Valley Insurance Services selected Appulate, Inc. as a vendor to provide connectivity solutions to their insurance markets. Appulate’s technology allows retail agents and brokers the ability to upload data directly from their management system to the insurance markets they work with.

The initial project will focus on this capability for Workers’ Compensation insurance submissions. Instead of requiring United Valley’s agents to manually enter this data into insurance carrier websites, Appulate offers a way to automatically upload the data. The result is a faster and a more efficient submission process.

“This technology will help us do our job better and faster,” said Neal Stanley, United Valley’s Chief Operating Officer.

Appulate has provided its solutions to more than 2000 agencies nationwide and can deliver the same capabilities for any line of business.

“Appulate was able to demonstrate that it provides a reliable and user-friendly solution,” noted Stanley.

United Valley has used Appulate under a proof of concept setting for the last year. They plan to officially go-live with Appulate’s fully licensed platform by the end of 2011.

“United Valley is arguably one of the most prominent retail agency groups in California,” said Dimitri Nikouline, Appulate’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “It was clear to us that their utilization of technology has been a key component to their success and to now, have Appulate be part of that is a great achievement.”

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