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New Insured page

Appulate’s brand-new Insured page contains all information about the Insured. It allows you to view or edit Insured information, and view their Quote requests and Policies.

To open an insured’s page, click their name on the All insured page.

Quote requests and policies

The Quotes and policies section displays all the insured’s quote requests and policies:

  • To open a quote request or a policy, click its card. You will be redirected to the Quote request page or Policy page.
  • To view expired or canceled quote requests or policies, click Expired and canceled.

You can add a policy or create a new quote request by clicking the buttons to the right:

Clicking Add policy or Create new request will redirect you to the Create new request for quote or policy page with either Policy or Request for quote preselected.

Managing the Insured

To manage the insured’s record, click Menu on the Insured page. There you can:

  • Copy insured. Clicking this button will redirect you to the insured’s copy.
  • Merge insured. This button won’t appear if the insured has quote requests. Clicking it starts the merging procedure.
  • Delete insured. This button’s visibility depends on the Who can delete an insured setting. Clicking the button opens the Delete insured confirmation dialog.

Editing the insured

To edit the insured’s information:

  • On the Insured page, click Edit in the Profile section.
  • Fill in the Edit insured dialog. Some fields, for example Insured type, cannot be edited.
  • Click Save to apply your changes. All changes will be synchronized with the questionnaire.

Insured pages navigation

In addition to the main Insured page, the insured have several associated pages:

  • Contacts: Contact information of the insured or their representatives.
  • Insured documents: Uploaded documents associated with the insured.
  • Export: Export of the insured’s data from Appulate to agency management systems. Export functionality is controlled by Agency Management System setting in Setup Settings.
  • Admin: Internal admin information on an insured customer.