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Appulate Unveils Seamless Integration and Effortless Coverage Solutions with InsuredConnect

November 28, 2023, 10:00 am (Eastern Time)– Appulate, an industry-leader in insurance technology, proudly announces the launch of Appulate InsuredConnect. A groundbreaking new feature for its Premium users, designed to make the quoting process more efficient.  

By seamlessly integrating with agents’ websites, InsuredConnect streamlines the flow of information directly from the Insured. 


In the traditional insurance process, potential insureds typically take answer questionnaires over the phone or in person. This often results in duplicate work and time-consuming data entry for the Agency.

Appulate InsuredConnect aims to improve upon this by allowing the insured to fill out the initial data collection via an online portal on the Agencies website.   

All that’s required is to click the “Start Quote” button on the Agency website that begins a simple form and questionnaire. After which, it is then processed through the Appulate platform automatically, and then notifying the Agency of the new request.   


Appulate InsuredConnect seamlessly integrates with agents’ websites, creating a smooth and efficient information flow directly from the Insured to the agent 24/7. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it allows the insured to provide all the necessary information quickly and easily, all of which is then instantly accessible to agents. 

Setup is effortless and fully customizable, whether it’s pasting the code Appulate provides directly onto the website or creating a link in an email signature, Appulate InsuredConnect only takes minutes to be fully connected. 


Appulate bridges data from agency management systems into a highly automated workflow, minimizing data entry and saving both time and resources. Automating the entire submission process for CSRs, Retail Agents, Carriers, and MGA’s, in a Rate, Quote, Request to Bind transaction – eliminating duplicate efforts while creating an audit trail. 

Representing roughly 80% of all independent agencies, Appulate has generated nearly $4B in total premium for agents in the last year. Appulate’s MGA and Carrier partners also saw over 120MM of additional prospective business within that same time frame, averaging a 245% submission count increase.

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